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Limitless communications for outdoor enthusiasts

The UCware Mobile apps let you use your contacts, lists of calls and office extension even while you're away from the office.

Fixed-mobile convergence for mobile phone users

For users of iPhones and Android smartphones, UCware has two apps that bridge the divide between landline and mobile business communications. The UCware apps for fixed-mobile convergence (FMC) provide mobile users with functions they are familiar with from their office landline. Thanks to our one-number service, they can even make and take calls with their office extension number.
As with our CTI application, one licence allows you to use both versions, giving you mobility, flexibility and a safe investment.


  • The UCware smartphone apps for iPhones and Android integrate smartphones with your company's communications solution. Thanks to our one-number service, you can use your office extension number for incoming and outgoing calls even when calling with your mobile. 
  • When you're away from the office, a secure VPN gives you access to personal system functions such as retrieving voicemail messages and lists of calls or setting call forwarding.
  • The UCware Mobile App also ensures you have central information at hand, such as contact lists or telephone directories.
  • Licences are not linked to a specific platform or interface language, giving you flexibility and efficiency.


  • UCware Mobile Client for iPhone and
    UCware Mobile Client for Android smartphones
    Licence: € 19.00 | Subscription € 10.62 pa
All licences are for concurrent use. All prices are net prices exclusive of VAT.

System requirements

  • UCware Mobile Client for iPhones
    Apple iPhone 4, iOS version 7 or higher
  • UCware Mobile Client für Android smartphones
    Smartphones with Google Android, version 4 or higher 

Range of functionality

Common features

  • Retrieval of messages from the UCware IP PBX's central user voice mailbox
  • Lists of dialled, missed and answered calls with a callback function
  • Access to the central telephone directories of the UCware IP PBX 
  • Dial pad for entering telephone numbers
  • Filters for internal lines and telephone directories
  • One-number service: making and taking calls with the office extension number (via GSM/call-through) 
  • Setting call forwarding
  • Seamless handover in stealth mode: active calls can be transferred between your smartphone and office extension unnoticed and without interruption (in one-number service mode)
Some functions require an active VPN connection with the IP PBX.


UCware Mobile Client for Android smartphone also supports these functions:

  • Display of the correct entry for outgoing calls in the Android-specific list of calls (call-through number is removed)
  • Indication of presence status of internal lines as available, busy, logged out or DND (do not disturb); own status can be set to DND
  • Access to a user's smartphone address book
  • Selection of call forwarding profiles
Some functions require an active VPN connection with the IP PBX.

Screenshots UCware Mobile App

You can edit caller lists for your...
Access the central contact lists...
Use the UCware dial pad to make...
Retrieve messages from the UCware...

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