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Using communications in workflows

The TAPI, UCware API and Outlook Add-in ensure excellent integration with your business applications.

TAPI and UCware API

An innovative communications systems needs interfaces to implement custom processes in the best possible way. In your ERP system, for instance, to display a customer's details when they call. Or in your CRM application, where you may need predictive dialling for an outbound campaign.

UCware offers you not one but two interfaces: the TAPI, a standard interface that supports many applications without much customisation; and the UCware API, an open XML interface for virtually any integration you may need.

Outlook Add-in from UCware

The UCware Outlook Add-in lets you add telephony features to Outlook. That's more convenient for you and lets you work more efficiently.

A menu ribbon on the Outlook Start tab shows you the phone numbers for a selected contact or an e-mail sender. Using a quick-dial button, you can call a person directly from the open contact or even from the e-mail they have sent. The UCware Outlook Add-in also lets you enter telephone numbers manually and initiate or terminate calls.

Screenshots UCware – Outlook Add-in interface

A menu ribbon on the Outlook Start...

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