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The heart of UCware for your communications

Flexible, scalable and made in Germany, the IP PBX from UCware offers almost limitless options.

All versions have full functionality

Meet UCware: a comprehensive range of functionality, intuitive use, and licensing conditions that permit flexible and cost-efficient deployment. But read for yourself:


  • UCware lets you call from anywhere – from your home or branch office via VPN, or from your smartphone while you're away from the office. And, thanks to our one-number service, always using your office extension number!
  • Go for efficiency – with this intuitive cross-platform workstation software, its central telephone directories, caller lists and configuration data, and our flexible licensing conditions.
  • In addition to a vast range of manager-assistant features, UCware also offers conference calling, a fax server, mailbox and call centre functionality and many more innovative features.
  • UCware is a hardware-independent SIP-standard software solution, so you can choose from a wide range of compatible terminal equipment and solutions from different providers.
  • UCware uses the existing network infrastructure for data transfer. A money saver that also increases flexibility!
  • UCware can be scaled to virtually any size and tailored to your requirements.
  • With our software made in Germany, we deliver proven stability and full support for deployment in virtual and high-availability environments.


  • UCware IP PBX system „Entry“
    1-4 Seats | 1 Client-Bundle
    1 live- | 0 standby-instances
    License: 0 € | Subscription n. v.
  • UCware IP PBX system „Business“
    5-100 Seats | 1 Client-Bundle
    1 live- | 0 standby-instances
    License: 780 € | Subscription 140 € pa
  • UCware IP PBX system „Enterprise“
    101-500 Seats | 5 Client-Bundles
    1 live- | 1 standby-instances
    Branch-Office-Integration incl.
    License: 1.580 € | Subscription 284 € pa
  • UCware IP PBX system „Site“
    unlimited Seats | 10 Client-Bundles
    3 live- | 3 standby-instances
    Branch-Office-Integration incl.
    License: 5.580 € | Subscription 1.004 € pa
All versions offer full functionality, all licences are for concurrent use. Prices do not include hardware. All prices are net prices exclusive of VAT.

System requirements

  • Installation on an Intel platform
    3,0 GHz CPU Dual Core | 4-8 GB RAM | 60 GB HDD/SSD
  • Installation as a virtual machine
    VMware or Oracle Virtual Box
    3,0 GHz CPU Dual Core | 4-8 GB RAM | 60 GB Storage
Requirements generally depend on the expansion level. The above figures are for guidance only.

Range of functionality

Telephone directory

  • User-friendly web interface
  • Permission levels for Administrators and Users
  • Global and personal telephone directories
  • CSV file import
  • Import of directories via LDAP, e.g. from Microsoft Exchange
  • Full system integration: access via system telephone, workstation software or mobile apps
  • Central server-based database


  • Trunk access help to cut costs and site-to-site networking permits opting out of the local network 
  • Busy indicators for line keys and direct dialling keys (BLF) 
  • Trunk line bundling
  • Busy on busy for internal and external calls
  • Call-through
  • Manager-assistant function
  • Direct outward dialling, DOD
  • Announcements (intercom) to extensions
  • Call detail recording incl. export to CSV and MySQL tables
  • Least-cost routing 
  • Call waiting, three-way calling (3PTY) internal and internal
  • Call forwarding parallel, calls to any destination number
  • Call pick-up, call pick-up groups incl. call information display
  • Call forwarding: unconditional/busy/no answer/unknown number 
  • Call forwarding based on freely definable sets of rules
  • Call forwarding profiles for all extensions
  • Time-controlled call distribution and forwarding 
  • Incoming and outgoing barred and allowed numbers
  • Corded and cordless system telephony
  • Music on hold

Teams, groups, call centres

  • Login/logout function for call queue agents
  • Lists of calls for call queues
  • Call queue overflow to extensions, voicemail and other call queues
  • Queue-specific call forwarding 
  • Number of answered and unanswered calls
  • Display of average waiting time in call queues 
  • Display of number of callers waiting in a queue 
  • Call centre operator panel for status of call queues, agents and users
  • Smart ringing strategies, e.g. scheduled, first in first out, random, fewest calls 
  • Sorting of extensions and call queues in ascending/descending order 
  • Live monitoring function for callers in a queue 
  • Call group functionality 
  • Indication of available/busy status of call queues
  • Call queue status (agents, calls, callers) for each queue displayed on terminal equipment 
  • Unlimited number of call queues 
  • Central busy lamp field for extensions, agents and connections 


  • Roll call of participants
  • Unlimited number of conference rooms incl. moderators
  • PIN-protected access control

Intercom system

  • Provisioning of video images to CTI applications and video-enabled system telephones
  • Integration of IP and analogue intercom systems


  • Auto-provisioning
  • Administration via the web user interface, also with remote access
  • Clustering and redundancy in HA environments
  • Central distribution of firmware updates to terminal equipment


  • Caller ID (CLIP) and name (CNIP)
  • Temporary blocking of caller ID (CLIR)
  • FAX via IP (ITU-T, T.38), internal and internal
  • Peer-to-peer audio broadcasting (depending on terminal equipment)
  • Call forwarding on busy (CFB), no answer (CFNR), permanently (CFU), of one extension (CD (PR)), of unknown SIP numbers
  • SIP BLF (busy lamp field)
  • SIP MWI (message waiting indication)
  • STUN support
  • Communication of all caller numbers (CLIP no screening)
  • VoIP codecs G.711, GSM, H.261, H.263 and H.263+ (depending on terminal equipment)
  • Unlimited VoIP channels with basic configuration

Fax and voicemail

  • Sending and receiving of fax messages via e-mail (e-mail to fax, fax to e-mail) and using HylaFAX-compatible client software, such as the free YajHFC with a Windows printer driver
  • Remote access to voice mailbox incl. voice guidance
  • Voice mailboxes and fax inboxes for every extension
  • Forwarding of voicemail and fax messages via e-mail
  • Voicemail notifications (MWI) to IP telephones


  • Automated attendant (interactive voice response, IVR) to play outgoing messages with call control by the user via number keys
  • User-defined multi-level OGM menus

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