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UCware for the health sector

Efficient support for doctors, nurses and carers.

Ease of use and mobility

UCware has a range of functions that will prove useful for your work in a hospital, retirement home or as a home carer. Services such as direct contact via an intercom, number portability when a patient is moved, and a central answering machine with voicemail functionality also enhance efficiency.

UCware ensures that you're easy to reach even when you're out. It lets you set up DECT wireless networks of up to several tens of thousands of square metres, for instance. The UCware apps for your smartphone even let you call from your office extension number via your mobile. This is particularly helpful for home carers or staff on call.

Emergency calls

Together, UCware and novalink support seamless integration with nurse call and fire alarm systems. At the same time, the TAPI and UCware API interfaces from UCware are important tools for integration of the communications network and telephony with your processes. Providing you with both a flexible solution and a safe investment, for future requirements.

Neat solution

Our diverse portfolio includes disinfectant-resistant terminal equipment and excellent consulting services. We also deliver the quality and support you'd expect from a software made in Germany. Application security too, of course: if you observe a few basic rules, UCware provides you with a high-availability environment that is secure and compliant with data privacy regulations. One of our expert partners will be delighted to advise you.

Solutions for the health sector

If you have any questions, we would be pleased to help. Simply call us or use our contact form. More

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