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Workstation software for PC, Mac and Linux

UCware Desktop Client and Web Client: the dream team for frequent callers.

Intuitive and cross-platform

Whether you are a Windows user, work with a Mac, or feel at home on a Linux-based platform, UCware has the right CTI application for you: its Desktop Client for Windows and Web Client for browsers. Both versions are based on the same concept of a clearly structured and intuitive application. What's special about UCware is that one licence allows you to use both versions, giving you flexibility and a safe investment.


  • UCware CTI applications are intuitive to use throughout and can be fully personalised. A simple mouse-click, for instance, lets you take a call, which you can then route to the right extension using drag and drop. The user interface can be personalised so each user sees only the information they want.
  • Our clients transform your computer into a telephony hub. All important information is available on your desktop, such as the presence status of internal lines, lists of calls, or telephone directories.
  • UCware has an ingenious range of functionality: call waiting/hold/toggle, call pick-up, call forwarding and a dial pad offer everything a state-of-the-art attendant console needs.
  • For greater flexibility and efficiency, licences are not linked to a specific platform or interface language.
  • Administration is straightforward, with centrally managed updates for the workstation software. This is of particular benefit in large-scale environments with many client installations.


  • UCware Desktop Client for Windows and
    UCware Web Client for browsers
    Licence: € 59.00 | Subscription € 10.62 pa
All licences are for concurrent use. All prices are net prices exclusive of VAT.

System requirements

  • UCware Desktop Client
    - Native .NET/C# application for Microsoft Windows 7 and 8.1.
  • UCware Web Client,
    HTML5 application for web browsers such as
    - Microsoft Internet Explorer, version 10 or higher
    - Mozilla Firefox, version 37 or higher
    - Google Chrome, version 41 or higher
    - Google Android browser, version 4.0 or higher
    - Apple Safari, version 5.1 or higher
    - Apple mobile Safari, iOS version 6.1 or higher
    - Opera, version 12.1 or higher

Range of functionality

Common features

  • Making or routing calls using drag and drop
  • Lists of dialled, missed and answered calls with a callback function
  • Caller queue to display active calls
  • Indication of presence status of internal lines as available, busy, logged out or DND (do not disturb); own status can be set to DND
  • Internal lines are shown or hidden based on specific criteria (logged on or off, DND)
  • Access to the central telephone directories
  • Display of call groups for internal lines
  • Dial pad for entering telephone numbers
  • Filters for internal lines and telephone directories
  • Personalisation of user interface
  • Multilingual user interface
  • Call pick-up (of incoming calls for other lines)
  • uaCSTA support for remote control of compatible terminal equipment
  • Selection of call forwarding profiles
  • Signalling (visual) of incoming and outgoing calls
  • Central update management
  • Call routing (call waiting/hold/toggle)


UCware Desktop Client

  • System notifications to indicate incoming and outgoing calls
  • System shortcut for dialling numbers from other applications (configurable using copy and paste)

UCware Web Client

  • Cross-platform

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