JEXECreator software has been discontinued since March 17, 2012.

Create a native Windows EXE to launch your Java application!

JEXECreator makes it easy to create native 32-bit Windows executables (native launchers) for invoking applications written in the Java programming language.

This simplifies the deployment of software written in Java on client or server platforms.

JEXECreator Project Manager screenshot

Why to use native EXE for Java application?

  • Easily launch Java applications by even the most novice users (customized Java Runtime Environment auto-detection, errors handling);
  • Better system integration (GUI or console applications, custom process name);
  • JAR files can be included into an executable file;
  • Execute Java applications with any current directory;
  • Java applications can make use of file type association;
  • Java applications are viewed as native Windows programs (and you can create Windows shortcuts for your Java application in the Start menu or on the desktop);
  • Use the icon (.ico file) of your choice or design for your executable;
  • Fully localizable messages of the executable

How native launcher works?

The native launcher finds a suitable Java Runtime Environment and starts your Java application using the found JRE.

If there is not a suitable JRE, a message dialog with information on where and how to obtain a JRE is displayed.

If the Java application throws an exception, the launcher displays the message in a dialog box and includes detailed error information.

No more BAT or CMD batch files. No need for a user to set a class-path. No more unwanted console windows.

Java Runtime Environment auto-detection

The current version of JEXECreator (since 1.9) supports only Java2 Runtime Environment.

The executable created with JEXECreator can find suitable Java Runtime Environment in:

  • Windows registry
  • %PATH% environment variable
  • jre\bin directory (colocated Java Runtime Environment)

You can fully customize the search sequence and supported JRE/JDK version.

A minimum required JRE version may also be set. If there is not a suitable runtime on the client computer, simple, easy to follow instructions are displayed.

Dialogs screenshot

Errors handling

If an errors occurs during the execution of the application, detailed information is shown to help determine the problem.

Exception dialog

Messages, customization and localization

JEXECreator allows developer to use custom messages and URLs in all dialog messages.

Moreover, the developer can use several UNICODE message bundles in different languages while creating the native launcher. The native launcher will use the language for client's Windows locale.

Classpath environment

Native launchers, created with JEXECreator, easily solve the problem of relative and absolute paths.

See documentation for more details.

JEXECreator is the Java development solution for distributing and launching applications in any size organization.